The polystyrene (PS). Four main types exist: the PS crystal, that is transparent, rigid and fragile; the polystyrene of high impact, resistant and opaque, the expanded, very light polystyrene, and the polystyrene extrusion, similar to the denser and impermeable expanded one but.

The main advantages of the polystyrene are their ease of use and its relatively low cost:

  • The polystyrene crystal is also used in moulding by injection there where the transparency and the low cost are important. *Ejemplos: boxes of CD, hangers, boxes for eggs.
  • The expanded form (expanded polystyrene) is used as insulating thermal and acoustic and widely is known under diverse trade names (Poliexpan, Telgopor, Emmedue, etc.).

HIPS (Polystyrene of High Impact)

The Polystyrene of High Impact is a polymer of addition, conformed by repetitive units of styrene and butadiene.

The Polystyrene of High Impact is a polymer that is characterized by:

  1. Better resistance to the impact that the polystyrene without modifying.
  2. He is opaque, due to the polybutadiene addition
  3. Very good procesabilidad, that is to say, can be processed by the methods of conformed employees for the thermoplastic ones, like injection and extrusion.
  4. Copy details of mold with great fidelity.

Applications. Some of their applications are:

  • Components for automobiles.
  • Toys.
  • Peripheral keyboards and for the PC.
  • Articles for the home.
  • Telephones.


Its more outstanding quality is its hygiene when not constituting nutritious substrate for microorganisms. one does not rot, one does not rust nor it is disturbed it turns what it into a suitable material for the fresh product sale.


  • Lightness
  • Resistance to the humidity
  • Absorptivity of the impacts: it turns that is to say, it into an excellent fragile or delicate product conditioner like electrical electric home appliances, components.


  • Fragile or electrical delicate product Conditioner like electric home appliances, components.
  • Construction of tables of surf - Insulating thermal and acoustic in the sector of the construction being used like so in facades, covers, grounds, etc.

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