In 2004, the company One Plus Industrial Solution S.A. of C.V. is constituted legally, and later it initiates its operations in the 2005. Dedicated to give value him added to the plastic materials by means of compaunding, peletized and the extrusion.

We are a company of Korean origin specialized in peletized and the extrusion of the plastic, using best technology, schemes of supervision of process, control of materials, with the purpose of to guarantee to the client the quality in the finished product.

In One Plus, we present our clients the intention to work continuously; carrying out day to day our work of the correct way, satisfying its needs, using the system of continuous improvement, in order to turn us into a multinational company.

Our objective is to offer an excellent service, creating spaces of confidence with our clients and to secure a base of reduction of costs of operation by means of I recycle of plastic materials.

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